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BILLING: Tuition & Fees

Mandatory WCM Fees: 

Tuition and Fees include charges for Health Service, Disability Insurance, University Fee, Student Transportation Fee, Educational Facility Fee, Class Dues and Pager.

Voluntary Student Fees:  

Health Insurance, Dental, Vision and Housing.



Weill Cornell student housing ranges from dormitory-style rooms and affordable apartments to properties overlooking New York City's waterfront. For more information, visit the Weill Cornell Housing Office website

The WCMC Housing Office

Lasdon House
420 East 70th Street, Suite 2S
New York, NY 10021

Phone: (212) 746-1001
Fax: (212) 746-8876

The WCMC Housing Office is open Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. 

Contact Information

Student Finance & Records Office of the Registrar

1300 York Avenue, C-114 New York, NY 10065 Phone: (212) 746-1050 Fax: (212) 746-5981