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Authorized Users

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Authorize Users Setup:

If you are a person other than the student, like a parent, guardian, grandparent, spouse, or anyone helping pay tuition and fees other than a third party sponsor, you will NOT be able to access semester charges unless the student authorizes your access.

How to Invite Parents/Authorized Users to access NELNET

The student needs to login through LEARN, go to the dashboard and manage Authorized Parties, create an authentication question that must be answered before the parent can continue, then send the unique link to the parent/authorized user. This link is only generated by the student’s invitation. Each parent or authorized user will then receive two e-mail notifications with instructions on how to set up their individual NELNET account — with a Login name and Password. After parents/authorized users enroll, they will be notified each time a new billing statement is available.

Once you are authorized as a user in NELNET:

  • The Office of the Bursar has permission to discuss financial information with you related to the student
  • You can submit an electronic check payment from a U.S. checking account
  • You can check the student's account balance in real-time.
  • You can enroll in the Monthly Payment Plan


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