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Weill Cornell Medicine Wellness Objectives

  • Develop self-care skills to maintain wellness in all its dimensions: physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual and social
  • Reduce experienced stress by developing resiliency
  • Promote inclusion and a sense of belonging and community
  • Increase the ability to find meaning in one’s experience
  • Enable students to succeed as leaders

Wellness Student Representatives, GSEC and MSEC

Wellness Faculty Advisers

Peers Advocating Wellness (PAWs)

confidential peer wellness counseling at WCM

Peers Advocating Wellness are medical and graduate school students who volunteer to provide an empathetic, non-judgmental ear to their peers. We come from different racial, economic, and ethnic backgrounds. We pursue different interests and goals, live in different places—on and off campus—and engage in different educational tracks at Weill Cornell Medicine. We all want to help other students at Weill Cornell.

Each Wednesday and Thursday from 6-9pm, two PAWs staff a room in the Center for Integrative Medicine (a short walk off campus at 338 East 66th Street, next to Java Girl coffee). You don’t need an appointment. Just drop by! And, we won’t record your name. PAWs maintain strict confidentiality, meaning we do not tell friends, administrators, or faculty about what we talk about. Even if you don’t feel like talking, but just want a break, come sit down and relax with us.

Although PAWs is a volunteer organization, each PAW has received extensive training and practice in a client-centered counseling style called motivational interviewing. We are prepared to hear about a variety of concerns and issues, large or small. You guide the conversation with whatever is on your mind and we will never criticize or pass judgment. Though we do not claim to have specific answers, we are committed to hearing you and caring about what you have to say. We believe that it just helps to talk to someone sometimes.

Come on by!  (Please see our schedules attached on the right sidebar.)

Wednesdays and Thursdays, 6-9pm - Center for Integrative Medicine, 338 East 66th St.

Meet your Peers Advocating Wellness

My name is Christopher Marnell, and I’m a second year medical student at Weill Cornell Medical College. In my spare time, I enjoy singing (i'm a bass in the a cappella group at Weill Cornell), reading, writing short stories and poetry, and jogging in Central Park. Medical and graduate school can be a stressful time, and so I’m looking forward to helping my peers work through their challenges and encourage wellness!

My name is Emily Menand and I am a 2nd year medical school student. Most mornings, you will find me awake super early running as many miles as I can before the day begins – best way to start the day! Before getting married last fall, my maiden name was Walker and friends called me “Ewalk” as in the fuzzy Star Wars “ewok” creatures. (You can feel free to continue calling me Ewalk despite the last name change). I am over the moon about being a PAW because I believe that empathy is the bedrock of the community we share and the learning we are doing together.


My name is Loressa Uson. I am a fifth year BCMB PhD student studying RNA metabolism in mycobacteria.  Currently working on being a full time foodie and a part time globetrotter. I am very excited to be part of PAWS to help curate a social fabric in which we can all thrive together!


My name is Mehtap Isik.  I am a third year graduate student in Tri-Institutional PhD Program in Chemical Biology. I have experienced many times that sharing can lighten the burdens of our lives. That is why I am happy to volunteer as a PAW.


My name is Raj Singh. I am a fifth year Immunology PhD student, interested in chromatin reorganization.  I am a rabid Arsenal fan and loved the Seahawks before they were trendy! I am excited to be a peer counselor to better connect with our community and to be engaged with my colleagues.

My name is Suveg Pandey. I am a fifth year BCMB PhD student studying lipid signaling in cardiac development.  When I’m not consumed by the hundreds of things going on at Weill and the city at large, I try to get out of town to camp, hike and climb.  The rest of the time, you might find me excited about biotech, at our 3D printer, or habitually late to a meeting!  Having always loved small communities, I am so pumped to be a member of PAWs to help re-zoom and re-focus my love for our community!  GRR!


My name is Tamar Melman. I’m a 5th year PhD student who is passionate about public policy, science education, and biostatistics. I love getting outdoors whenever I can, indulging in some quality seafood, and cooking for others. I am also always working to make mindfulness a constitutive facet of my life. Through PAWs, I hope to help encourage mindfulness within the Weill community.

My name is Jared Moon, and I’m a MD/PhD Student - entering Class 2013.  Whenever possible, I leave the city to enjoy the outdoors.  I keep up with many sports, but I would always rather be scuba diving.  I enjoy expanding my exposure to music across all genres and eras, and envy some modern DJs who put it all together. Stress, relationships, and mental health produce an extraordinary impact on our experience. But we sometimes feel pressure to place these concerns below our professional and academic goals.  I’m excited to join PAWs to help us confront this dilemma. 

My name is Rosa. I'm a second year Neuro grad student from California. I like sunny days and dates with friends. I'm looking forward to lending an ear to those who want it and hope that everyone can smile just a little bit more.

My name Debby Abramov and I'm an MD PhD student, entering in the Class of 2015. I really enjoy running and biking in the city and generally being outside as much as possible. I’m very excited to work within our community and encourage wellness as much as I can. 

Hi! My name is Shashirekha Mundhra and I am pursuing my PhD in the Immunology & Microbial Pathogenesis program at WCM. I enjoy reading, hiking, dancing and meditating!  I am really excited to be a PAW as this provides me a platform to contribute towards well-being of the community.

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