Medical School Registration

In alignment with the shared values of Weill Cornell Medical College, the Office of the Registrar seeks to provide excellent customer service to all of our stakeholders, including: faculty, colleagues from other departments, internal and external constituencies, collaboratively with Cornell University in Ithaca, WCMC-Q, other medical institutions, and most importantly, our students.

The Office of the Registrar is charged with maintaining the permanent record of the student, including archived data and documents. The Office monitors the academic progress of each student from admission through graduation, retains demographic/biographical information, changes in name, initiates all registration processes, and verifies enrollment, while ensuring that all entities are compliant with FERPA regulations and institutional policies.

Establishing registration status

The Office of the Registrar determines the academic calendar for each academic year. All registration can be viewed on LEARN, the student information system at Weill Cornell Medical College.

Changing your registration status

All students registered in the Medical School are considered to be full-time student status. Any time away from the curriculum may affect your student status. The Office of the Registrar is your first point of contact for changes in registration status including taking a leave of absence or returning to the curriculum. 

Contact Information

Student Finance & Records

Office of the Registrar

1300 York Avenue, C-114

New York, NY 10065

Phone: (646) 962-3470