Disability Insurance

About Disability Insurance

This mandatory service is provided for students to remain in compliance with AMA requirements for lab and clinical work. If you have been charged for disability Insurance on you student account, you are enrolled in this service.  To check, you can go to your program's tuition and fee breakout page by clicking here.  

Benefit Summaries

For services offered through your coverage please select the appropriate benefit summary below.  Please note that MS students are not eligible for this coverage. 

PhD Student Benefit Summary

Medical Student Benefit Summary

Physician Assistant Student Benefit Summary

Disability Seminar 101 for Graduating Students

       Session Recording - 4/17/24

File a Claim

To file a claim, please use the information below to contact a plan administrator (Brown & Knapp). 

Contact Plan Administrator

If you have questions or would like to set up a meeting for more information, please contact:

Kristine Rogers, Contact Number: (203) 483-3385 *28, Contact Email: kristine.rogers@nm.com

Neil Ballotte - Contact Email: neil.ballotte@nm.com

David Brown - Contact Email: david.m.brown-ct@nm.com

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