New Student Checklist

The Office of Student Accounting welcomes all new students to Weill Cornell Medicine! As a student at Weill Cornell Medicine, the Office of Student Accounting would like to provide you with an annual checklist that may be helpful in addressing common inquires.

Please note that you will not have access to any of the forms until you have received your CWID.

Electronic Attestation 

As you start your first term at WCM, all students need to submit the electronic attestation form to confirm they understand the official method of communication at WCM is your school issued email address.  To submit this form please login to your LEARN portal.

Health Insurance Waiver

Health Insurance Waiver At the start of each academic year, all students are assessed the health insurance premium for the fall term. You will need to submit the annual health insurance waiver if you do not intend to use the WCM provided coverage.  The Office of Student accounting sends you an email reminder each June to let you know the new enrollment period. Any student intending to waive coverage must complete the waiver process and all required documentation by the annual waiver deadline in September each year.  For more information click here.

The following forms and activities are all accessible through LEARN.
Personal Information Update

Personal Information Update (PIU): It is important to keep your personal information current. If at any time you have a change in name or address, please submit a PIU through LEARN anytime your address changes.

New Student Insurance Enrollment

New Student Insurance Enrollment: If you along with any dependents would like to enroll in insurance coverage, please submit this form within 30 days of your start date- you will not have access to this form once the 30 days has expired. For more information on coverage options, benefits and costs, please see the Insurance information page; from that page, you will be able to access the pages for health, dental and vision.

Health Insurance Communication Attestation

As your insurer, Cornell University's Student Health Plan (SHP) has the responsibility of providing all participants with annual notices and communications about the coverage. These communications are sent electronically or via USPS. In compliance with N.Y. State Tech. Law § 309 and E-SIGN law § 7001(b)(2), all students enrolled in Health Insurance must inform WCM annually of their communication preference.

Third Party Sponsor Application

Third Party Sponsor Application: In order for the Office of Student Accounting to extend credit for  a third party or sponsoring organization please submit your written authorized letter from your third party/sponsoring organization each year. Once your request has been processed, the Office of Student accounting will forward all future term invoices to your sponsor. For more information, please see the Making Payments page on our website.

Financial Responsibility Agreement

Financial Responsibility Agreement: This is a mandatory form for all students to submit. Failure to submit this form will result in a “hold” on your record which will restrict University Services. See the Financial Responsibly Agreement page.

U.S. Social Security Number or Tax ID Number Update

U.S. Social Security Number or Tax ID Number: Without an accurate SSN or TIN, students will not receive Financial Aid or the 1098-T Form for education tax credits. If an update is needed to your SSN or TIN, please provide our office with this form.

Creating your Direct Deposit Account in Nelnet

Creating your Direct Deposit Account in Nelnet: A refundable credit balance may result on your student account because of financial aid disbursements, over-payments, account adjustments and program reimbursements. We encourage you to set up direct deposit to receive your funds in a timely manner.

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