Managing the Student Account

Billing Policy

Weill Cornell Medicine charges and invoices students by each term in their program.  Billing notifications from WCM will always come from the Student Accounting Office ( via email to the student’s Weill Cornell Medicine issued email address. Billing invoices are issued as needed starting one month before the payment due date.  It is each student’s responsibility to make payment arrangements to cover tuition and fees for each term by the payment due date provided.  Students who register after the term payment due date are provided an invoice and given 7 days to make payment arrangements.

Payment Policy

It is each student's responsibility to ensure that their student account is kept current and that they are monitoring their WCM email for changes and adjustments on their account. Payments can take the form of loan commitments, financial aid awards, payment plan enrollment, wire payment, third party payment registration and ACH checking payment. Credit Cards are not accepted as a form of payment. All payments must be updated to the student’s account on or before the payment due date for each term.

Late Payment Policy

Any amounts remaining unpaid after the payment due date, in whole or in part, are subject to a finance charge at an annual rate of 15% or 1.25% per month. In addition to the finance charge, any outstanding balance will result in a hold on the student account that will prevent registration activity and the release of documentation from the office of the Registrar. This includes but is not limited to transcripts and grades. 

Introduction to the Student Account

Contact Information

Student Finance & Records Office of the Registrar

1300 York Avenue, C-114 New York, NY 10065 Phone: (646) 962-3470 Fax: (212) 746-5981