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Student Organizations

Medical School Executive Council

MSEC is an elected group of five students per class as that meets once a month during the school year. MSEC represents all medical students in all years and works to fund and organize school-wide student events and activities, as well as lobby and advocate for student needs. With annual budget provisions, the MSEC is a major source of funding for more than seventy student clubs and organizations. This funding provides for special events like concerts, lectures, and guest speakers, and student-centered activities such as the Winter Formal, Conversations-on-Tap, and joint events with the graduate school. 

  • President: Connie Liu
  • Vice President/Treasurer: Benjamin Jackson
  • Secretary: Emily Eruysal

Board of Overseers Representative

The Student Board of Overseers Representative represents all Weill Cornell Medical College students, including medical, graduate, PA, and Qatar students. The Student Overseer is a voting member of the Board of Overseers and has a three-year term. The Student Overseer meets on a quarterly basis with the full Board and three subcommittees and attends the monthly MSEC and GSEC meetings.

Important Student Contact Information

Raúl Martinez-McFaline, Student Overseer

Why contact me? I am the student body representative on the Weill Cornell Board of Overseers. It's my job to facilitate communication among the students, the administration/faculty, and the Board. Ask me anything! I've been around for a while.

Connie Liu, MSEC President

Why contact me? I represent the WCMC student body! Bring your concerns to me. It's my job to facilitate communication between the students and the administration/faculty.

Benjamin Jackson, Vice President/Treasurer

Graduate School Executive Council

GSEC is an elected committee of five students from the Graduate School. Elections are held in early October and officers serve a full year. We act on behalf of the students to represent their views and issues to the administration, as well as plan networking and social events for the graduate school in order to strengthen our student community. The GSEC council hosts an open meeting on the first Wednesday of every month, to which all graduate students are invited to discuss upcoming initiatives and events.

This year GSEC's key initiatives were:

  • Establishment of "Career Explorations" panel sessions to provide information for our students about potential future fields of employment, augmenting other career-centric opportunities available at WCMC.
  • Development of outreach opportunities, enabling our students to participate in activities such as Science Days for high school students and the hosting of young scientists in summer development programs.
  • Continuing to work with the Graduate School administration to improve our courses by implementing course surveys.

GSEC also runs a number of social events throughout the year, notably a Halloween Party, Thanksgiving Potluck, Winter Ski Trip, and Year End Formal.

President: Katie Carnazza
Vice President: Angela Park
Treasurer: Benji Grigg
Secretary: Rosa Chen
Parliamentarian: Samantha Meadows

GSEC can be contacted at