Leave of Absence FAQ

What charges am I responsible for while on leave?

This information is available on the tuition and fees page for your specific program.

What happens to my health insurance while on leave?

Once your leave is approved, you can choose to continue your insurance through the end of the academic year. For students who have already paid for the coverage through the end of the current term, if you elect to terminate your coverage, your premium charges will be prorated, and a refund will be generated for the unused portion. For those student’s who are enrolled in a program that covers the premium cost for insurance, any insurance you choose to extend past the last day in the month your leave is approved, will be responsible for paying all remaining premiums while on leave. More information can be found on the Student Health Plan information page under the Leave of Absence Policy. 

What if I remain on leave after the start of an academic year?

You are not eligible to enroll in health insurance until you have returned from you leave, enrolled in courses and attending. Weill Cornell’s Academic Year begins on July 1st and ends on June 30th.

What happens to Dental/Vision Insurance Coverage?

Students have 30 days to confirm continuation of coverage or request termination of the coverage by filling out the the Leave of Absence Insurance Update through LEARN

If a student terminates the dental coverage, they will not be eligible to re-enroll in the plan for a minimum of one year.  Once the year has lapsed, a student becomes eligible to participate with active enrollment in WCM curriculum.  For example, if a student takes leave in July 2021, and terminates coverage, plan activation will not start before January 2023.

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