Clinical Epidemiology Class of 2022

Important Dates

EventFall 2021Spring 2022
Billing Date7/27/202112/1/2021
Payment Due Date8/25/20211/6/2022
Term Start DateTBD1/3/2022

Mandatory Fees

FeeSummer 2020Fall 2020Spring 2021Fall 2021Spring 2022
Tuition$9,250 $9,250 $9,250 $13,875 $13,875
Health Record Fee*$50 $50 $50 $75 $75
Technology Fee$300 $300 $300 $463 $463
Administration Fee$90 $90 $90 $139 $139
Library Fee$79 $79 $80 $123 $123

Summer Intensive Program

The cost below is inclusive of all fees. The Summer Intensive program charge is not accessed to students enrolled in the MSCEP degree program.

FeeSummer Intensive 2021

Additional Fees

FeeSummer 2020Fall 2020Spring 2021Fall 2021Spring 2022
Months of insuranceJuly- AugustSeptember- DecemberJanuary - JuneJuly - DecemberJanuary- June
Health Insurance Premium$1,040 $2,080 $3,120 $3,420$3,420
Program Fee$50 $100 $150 $150 $150
Total Health Insurance$1,090 $2,180 $3,270 $3,570$3,570
Managed Dental Care Insurance$36.76 $73.56 $110.34$110.34TBD
Dental Guard Preferred Insurance$135.10 $270.20 $405.30$405.30TBD
Vision Insurance$13.76 $27.52 $41.28$41.28TBD

*if you elect or are required to be enrolled in the Student Health Plan, the Health Record Fee will be replaced with the Health Service Fee.  This fee is $1268 for the year and is not covered by the Program Fees Credit.  Full details for Health Insurance can be found here.   

Student Fees

A full list of fees and descriptions can be found here.


Contact Information

Office of Student Accounting 

1300 York Avenue, Room C-114
New York, NY 10065

Telephone: (646) 962-3475
Fax: (212) 746-5981

Hours of Operation

Monday through Friday
Office Hours 9:00AM to 5:00PM